Sterile Processing Catalog

Pre-Cleaner Chemistries

Prepzyme® Enzymatic Pre-Cleaner CU-4559-714 | Case of 4 - 1 Gallon Bottles

• Covers the instruments and instantly begins breaking down blood, fat, protein and carbohydrates • Helps to prevent bio-burden from adhering to the surface of surgical instruments and scopes prior to decontamination • Helps reduce cleaning time • Extends usable lifetime • Perfect for use in Operating Rooms, Endoscopy Suites, and Outpatient Surgery before instruments are transported • Neutral pH (non-abrasive) • Will not harm any metals, plastics, rubber or corrugated tubing • Clinically tested to be free rinsing and 100% biodegradable • Hands-Free IR Motion Sensor System • Programmable Temperature Range and Sensoring • IoT Device (Bluetooth)

Surgistain® Rust and Stain Remover

CU-4577-714 | Case of 4 - 1 Gallon Bottles

• Safe, efficient and quick revitalizing solution for stainless steel surgical instruments, trays, basins and case carts • Mild acidic solution removes rust, stains, spotting and corrosion • Restores instrument’s original finish • Non-corrosive; will not harm stainless steel • Maintains the life and efficiency of your instruments • Reduces repair and replacements costs • Restores articulation to box-locks and joints • Prevents destructive pitting on ridges of micro and ophthalmic instruments


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