Sterile Processing Catalog

Sterile Wrap Carts Solid stainless steel welded construction with adjustable hang bars to keep sterile wrap separated and accessible for special preps. One sheet, or several sheets, at a time can be removed quickly and neatly. The bottom shelf, standard on all units, can be used to hold extra wrap, or less frequently used sizes. A combination of locking and swivel casters allow the cart to lock in place near the workstation or roll smoothly to where it is needed. CC-3802-714 | 38” W x 20” D x 63” H

Features: • Safe and convenient place to hang or store wraps • Solid bottom shelf for additional storage or to hold extra or odd size wraps

• Four (4) easily adjustable bars (adjustable in 1 ″ Increments for comfortable work height) • Additional bars can be added as accessories, if needed • Ergonomically designed rack positions wrap at waist height for easy access • 3 ″ Casters (2 swivel & 2 locking) for mobility and placement Stainless Steel Instrument Wrapping Station

This stainless steel instrument wrapping station has extra large removable plastic bins. This three in one central sterile table is ideal for wrapping instruments in sterile wrap. The ergonomic 35” work height and heavy duty 4” casters that lock in place ensure this table will last for many years.

Model #

Overall Dimensions

Model #

Overall Dimensions

AC-2050-W48 48” W x 32” D AC-2050-W60 60” W x 32” D AC-2050-W72 72” W x 32” D

AC-2054-W48 48” W x 36” D AC-2054-W60 60” W x 36” D AC-2054-W72 72” W x 36” D

Features: • Sturdy work style table design

Optional Bins • Available sizes:

• Removable bins for easy cleaning and reloading instruments • Easy to move but can still lock in place with 4” locking casters • Custom sizes or adjustments are available

▶ 107/8” W x 161/2” L x 4” D ▶ 107/8” W x 161/2” L x 6” D ▶ 107/8” W x 161/2” L x 8” D • Optional stainless steel drawers

▶ 173/8” W x 223/8” L x 6” D ▶ 173/8” W x 223/8” L x 8” D ▶ 173/8” W x 223/8” L x 10” D

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