Sterile Processing Catalog

Processing Sinks Accessories

Perforated Tray Sink Basin Lift CU-3101-714

Features: • Tray rests on the bottom of the basin to decrease basin depth • Improves sink ergonomics • Stainless Steel Construction • Handles on the side of the tray for easy lifting when removing the insert from the basin

Autofill Sink Chemistry Management System CU-8767 | Autofill Sink Chemistry Management System Features: • Automatic sink filling/detergent dosing, eliminating manual detergent dosing • Smart water/detergent blending technology conserves water and assures concentration of the instrument cleaning solution is precise • Selectable chemical dilution factors and bath volumes • Locking, waterproof stainless steel cabinet • Reduced cleaning labor as detergent solutions are always at the proper concentration; one touch automatic filling allows cleaning technicians to perform other tasks • Soak timer allow users to set a specific amount of time for instruments to soak before the final cleaning and rinsing stage • Management reports allow managers to monitor how frequently detergent solutions are changed • Alarms for solution temperature, dosing amounts, out of chemical status and sink activity

• Water tempering valve controls cleaning solution to desired temperature • Optional backflow preventer

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