Sterile Processing Catalog

Design your processing sink to maximize the available space and customize it to suit your needs, improving your decontamination workflow. With a extensive range of features to ensure safe, ergonomic conditions recommended within OSHA and AAMI ST:79.

Pegboard Back – Fully customizable and convenient shelf and bin storage for solutions, brushes, and other cleaning/ rinsing supplies Pre-Basin – High-arch spout with a very high pressure pull-out spray nozzle Light Hood – Durable light hood provides high-quality lighting at the sink Height Adjustable Button – Ergonomically friendly, adjustable heights range 35”- 42” (manual or electric) to accommodate the standing posture of your whole team Hand Lever Drains – Empty basins via a lever under the sink 1 2 3 4 5

Integrated Monitors – Display instrument tracking systems, IFUs, and digital microscope views Deionized Faucet – Provides treated water with the durability and strength of a metal faucet, without the risk of contamination and corrosion Basin Etchings – Gallon markings on the side of the basin allow accurate solution measurement Mixing Valves – Blend hot water with cold water to ensure a constant, safe temperature Water and air guns – With tip attachments for rinsing, suction, or drying 8 9 6 7












Triple Basin Processing Sink

The decontamination area/room should have three-section sinks that:

 Are approximately 36 inches from the floor and 8 to 10 inches deep.

 Include attached solid counters or adjacent work surfaces on which to place soiled and clean items separately.

 Are large enough to allow a tray or container basket of instruments to be placed flat for pretreatment or manual cleaning.

Double Basin Sink For soaking and rinsing prior to cleaning.

Single Basin Sink A reprocessing solution for specific instrumentation such as MIS, larger scopes, or robotic instruments.


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