Sterile Processing Catalog

Creating The Perfect Case Cart Case carts are not a “one-size-fits-all” kind of product. Be sure your cart is made of sufficiently durable materials that can last, that it is the right size for the task you have planned for it, and that the cart can be easily cleaned using your department process.











Handles: This cart comes equipped with 2 vertical handles to improve ergonomics while pushing/pulling it as well as overall maneuverability. Added cool touch grips make unloading hot case carts from the washer a breeze. Shelves: Wire shelving is a great option for storing less frequently used carts because it prevents dust build up. Roll out shelves make wiping down the inside of the cart much more efficient. Storing sterile packaging prone to tears or holes? Consider solid shelving. Casters: Choosing the right caster depends on the facility and case cart system. If your facility is off-site or in another building, over the road casters are a must. Within the facility, choose from fixed locking, directional locking, fixed directional, rigid directional, and swivel. Consider towing systems with directional locks to keep the carts moving smoothly. Tow Hitch: Join case carts for a more efficient and ergonomic way to transport more than one case cart at a time. Step on latch for easy uncoupling 2 3 4

Glass Door: See the contents of the cart without opening the door or cutting the security tab. Clean/Dirty Indicator: When transporting biohazardous materials it is required to have a system where the cart is clearly labeled to prevent cross contamination in the Operating Room and in Sterile Processing. Width: For any department using a dumbwaiter system to transport carts back and forth to the OR, maximize the space inside using the interior dimensions when sizing your cart. That extra space in your cart can go a long way. Depth: Base the depth of your cart off the size of the instrument trays it will hold. Is this being used for large or small trays or both? Height: In a facility short on case cart storage space, a taller cart with the right shelving configuration can help you and your cart washers keep up with surgical cases. 8 9 5 6 7


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